Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Calvin is 1!

Man, baby Calvin has been here a year already?!  He must have been since he had a birthday party this past weekend.  It was circus-themed, just like Ellis's first birthday party.  It was a super fun time at home, with a bunch of friends and a few cousins ready to celebrate and play with all the new toys.

Have I really been taking blurry pictures of these cousins for a full year? They're always so busy!

He's lunging for my camera here. I'm sure he'll be working it like a champ in a year from now. Ellis already can!

Calvin can walk and wave and clap and I think he can eat anything.  He has the best laugh of any baby I've ever met, and I love watching him grow more and more (and more! Holy smokes, he is a big baby and a fast learner!) every time I see him.  Happy birthday, Calvin Hugh!  We love you and we love celebrating with you!

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