Monday, August 29, 2016

This is just a bunch of my projects

I felt like talking a little bit about the craft things I've been trying out lately.  So here we are. 

I made this Ballband Dishcloth.


 I've tried it before with semi-disastrous results.  But this time?  Everything went fine!  I don't why I haven't been carrying this around and showing it to everyone I meet.  I liked knitting the pattern so much--to say nothing of the end result--that I made another one.

I made this doll because Evelyn asked me to and because I am weak and pitiful. She likes this fine, and has played with it a bit. 

But I really hate knitting toys!  Hate.  I was less than fond of the pattern instructions and the only thing I dislike more than knitting toys is crocheting them.  I'm glad Evelyn was pleased with this because I don't know what I would have done with myself (or her) if she hadn't. 

Still, I won't be letting her accompany me in the crafts section of the library any time soon.  She saw a book (I'm too lazy to link to it and I don't want to anyway) on a shelf and honed in on it like a kid who wants something and asks for it a lot. It's a good thing she's cute.  It's an even better thing that she and her cousins haven't learned to see something cute online and then 'hint' that they'd love for me to make it (like I don't have other projects I want to try.)

Now would be a good time to thank everyone in my life for not asking me to crochet them a mermaid tail blanket thing.  I think they are incredibly stupid and if I have not volunteered to make a blanket-size project for you.....uh, please assume I will get to it in my own time.  But it probably won't be a mermaid tail blanket thing.

Here's a blanket, though.

I thought it would be fun to make something in all blue yarns.  It wasn't.  It turns out I like my granny squares a few rows smaller and in a lot more colors.  But I worked on a way of making my joins a little less obvious, and I think this will make a nice present for a friend if I can ever getting around to stuffing this in a gift bag.  I put off crocheting the edge and weaving in all the ends for a couple of weeks. But now it's done and I'm already thinking of other blankets I want to make. 

I may have already started some.  Photographs to follow.

Here's a baby quilt I'm working on:

It's the Feathers pattern from Strip your Stash (I checked it out from the library. A woman walking by saw me with it and told me it was a great book.  Good enough endorsement for me!).  I've hit a snag with some of the strips I was expecting to use, so I'll need to iron more fabric and rearrange some blocks.  But I'm putting it off because ironing is probably the worst part of sewing and I'm still in the ironing stages.  I also hate cutting out large pieces of fabric on my small table and having to move all the things that normally live on the table to do this.  These are petty excuses, but they are mine and I don't care.  Ironing is an awful way to spend your time.

So for now, I'm sticking with some granny squares that I don't really know how to use yet and a shawl for myself.  Yes, another one.

It's little less red and a lot more orange in real life.  I'm not quite in the mood for fall yet, but when it's gets here I'm going to have some great accessories to get me in the mood.

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