Sunday, July 3, 2016


I've had that Don Williams song "Miracles" stuck in my head most of the day for no reason and a bunch of reasons.  We mostly stayed in today.  I've been doing a lot of going on the weekends, and it's always fun to see grandparents and go places and run errands but staying in today felt fantastic.  I've been cleaning house off and on all day today, but I think I'm done now except for some vacuuming.  I took lots of breaks to play with Evelyn. 

We did a craft.

We blew bubbles on the balcony and made one of our brick walls look beautiful.

We ate ice cream in cones.  Evelyn and Cody read about robots.

The day wasn't perfect.  I fussed at Cody that all of the cleaning stuff I don't have time or energy for at the end of the workday could easily could be done by him.  Evelyn and I had several talks about attitude.  I nearly had to go lie down after working a lap loom with a five-year-old.  I was late picking up Cody from church because I was at home eating ice cream even though I've had him accompany me to my preferred house of worship a bunch of times in the past month or so but I never go to church with him (in my defense, incense does terrible things to my asthma and eyes).

Evelyn led us in a little worship service this morning.  I felt momentary panic when she read the last 4 or 5 pages of her little storybook-style Bible and said, "Oh!  We're done! Would you like me to start another one?"  She reads through her little Bible story books from start to finish.  She owns at least one, and my mom has 8 or so.  Evelyn's apparently going to read them all. 

I didn't finish any books last month.  I went to the library on Friday and checked out a few.  I started one that evening and finished it the next morning.  So this has been a lovely weekend. 

So I spent my day at home, making my home a little bit more of a home for myself and the rest of us by taking care of the things I've been skipping.  I'm physically and mentally ready for the week ahead and I'm off tomorrow.  And I'll spend most of the day at home tomorrow!

This morning Evelyn crawled into bed with us and said, "I was dreaming that I wanted to be with my whole family!" I snuggled her between us and said "Well, here we are."  Cody mumbled "It's a dream come true."

It is.  Nothing's perfect, but here lately I've stopped to look around at all the miracles, big and small, that make our life a dream come true.  There are a lot of them.  We are not without and I'm happy.

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