Monday, June 20, 2016

When daughters have good fathers

You great pictures like this of your dad with your daughter. 

And a picture of your daughter with her dad (as she poses like her dad and granddad).

I'm told she read nearly every card in the Hallmark store before selecting the one that had her favorite things and the best sentiment for Granddad.  And that tie her dad is wearing?  It came from a little store nearby that she's had her eye on for months.  Every time we went into that store (which was nearly every time she noticed it was open), we had to look at their tiny selection of men's accessories while so she could dream and scheme. She gets very particular about her gifts, and she was very emphatic about getting a good surprise for Cody this year because "he's the best dad in the whole world."

I know just how she feels.  We're both some very lucky daughters.

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