Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A birthday post for Laine!

Laine had a birthday yesterday!

I just really love this picture of Ellis's birthday.

It's been another big year.  She had another beautiful and big baby boy--and for a brief little while had two kids under the age of two.


She does things like stay at home with her multiple children, handle home ownership stuff, travel alone with those children in the car, and manages to see her friends more than every six months.


(I, on the other hand, took five minutes to type that last sentence because I was so distracted by how loudly Evelyn is singing in the shower.)

Also, she always has great hair.

She was even kind enough to take a nice picture of me with Calvin after he was born because she's always good about remembering that sometimes I'm not in any photographs because I'm behind the camera.

Calvin was not as thrilled with it as I was, but you can't please everyone.  Someday, little baby, you'll know to be impressed with how gracious and great your mom was while recovering from a C-section.

Goodness only knows what she'll do with Year 32, but I'm sure it will be fantastic.  We've got a few tentative plans for kid adventures this summer.  I've been acting like it's important to get the cousins together (I mean, it is), but she's still one of my favorite people to play with and I really like going to zoos or museums with her.   Sometimes I feel a little silly about being the kind of big sister I am, but I must say that my siblings are very strong and smart and they have great hair and are excellent drivers.  They're some of the best people I know, and Laine is my oldest friend (after Mamaw).  I can send her a birthday text 'from' her niece that's a rambling rundown of her exercise class and she'll find it thrilling.  I got really excited that she was the first person to wish me a happy Mother's Day this year, and that I got to wish her one as well. 

She's one of my favorite people, and I'm looking forward to another year of watching her do her thing.

I'll be sure to take pictures.

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