Monday, May 2, 2016

Things. Joy. Projects.

Sometimes I want to do slow living/minimalism.  Or be a prepper.  I always want to be a crafter.  I haven't made much of anything in the past couple of months, but I want to try sewing.  We're trying to make a quilt for Evelyn.  We've got the square cut out and that's about it for the past couple of weeks.

Evelyn keeps sharing bunny things with me.  I think they make my craft shelf look nice.
 We rearranged some furniture in the living room last weekend so that I could move the table next to my bed out into the living room because that's where the sewing machine lives.  A secret sewing machine is pretty cool, but it opened up on top of the bed and our bedroom just isn't the best place for sewing projects.  So I replaced the table with a little cubby shelf that had been in the living room. There are plenty of spots for books and projects and notebooks--more space than there was before, actually!  I'm keeping ten or more books at a time checked out from the library, so this is pretty great.

And having the sewing machine out in the living room has already paid off.  I found the manual (along with a lot of thread) in a box of things from Cody's grandma that I thought I'd already gone through, and discovered that I'd pretty much done everything wrong the last time I tried to wing it with this machine.  But on Friday night, I pulled out some scraps and got to ironing and cutting and.....actually stitching some pieces of fabric together successfully.  After several tries, I even wound a bobbin.  That actually took until Saturday afternoon.  Before that, I went through some of bobbins Agnes had wound.  While sewing and pressing and sewing some more, I gave myself some pretty tense shoulders and an accompanying tension headache.  I was tense because I wanted to sew well, and I wanted to sew because I thought doing this would be fun and relaxing.  I also felt like I should be better at sewing because I used to be great at it.  Then I remembered when I was doing very much sewing and realized I was probably just good for a fifteen-year-old receiving near-constant supervision.  Oh well. (I know that I made Evelyn a baby blanket, but I have no memory of how it turned out even halfway well. Hormones are weird.) Here's the result:

It's not perfect, or even very okay.  But I got the hang of a few things and Evelyn had fun helping me with a few parts and beginning her own project with the scraps.  She also wants to make a quilt.  She is not one for small projects.  Whatever.  We're both having fun playing around.  I've been trying to play more.  And it's been fun!  I've been reading about having fun and playing.  I like how Marie Kondo is all about decluttering so you can enjoy what you have.  That lady LOVES her things.  I love this bread box.  I don't know what we'll do with it (probably not store bread), but I like it. 

It might store fabric scraps.

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