Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fabric and thread things

I've been trying to embroidery. 

I made that for Mom as a Mother's Day present.  I haven't done a lot of embroidery, especially without on a pattern and on regular fabric. But that was my card (my present was manual labor). 

I'd like to sew another throw pillow--one that's probably three times the size of this one. 

It won't be so fussy.  I'll use bigger and fewer pieces, and maybe Evelyn can help me piece it together.  We've got a long weekend ahead of us and I'm full of plans. 

Cody and I are working on a quilt.  After a lot of waffling about how we'd arrange the squares, I figured we'd just go for it.  We decided how many squares we wanted in each horizontal row (I think we're 'supposed' to do it lengthwise, but that seemed too daunting) and just went for it after Evelyn went to bed.  I put together a row and sew it up, and then he does.  He cut out most of the pieces and I did all of the ironing.  I'll probably sew all of the strips together (but maybe not.  We're using his grandma's sewing machine and he seems to be remembering how to work it), and who knows what we'll do about the binding.  We'll probably just tie it off instead of quilting. 

It's for Evelyn, of course.  We've wanted to make a quilt for her since she was in my belly, but it just didn't happen.  Now she's here and we know her a bit better and she's starting to outgrow some of the blankets I made her.  She still likes this quilt, but it's currently on top of her doll, Sonnykin.  I don't know.  I just like to make her covers.

I could go on and on about quilts and blankets and what it means to keep someone warm with the work from your hands, but that will probably be another post for another time.  Maybe after we finish the quilt top and I take some pictures.  For now I'm ready to sleep under the blanket I made myself as a college freshman.  It's a quilt top made of scraps that I sewed on top of a comforter I bought at Fred's for $20 a day or two before I went away to college.  It's a weird mishmash of weights and textures and it's mine. 

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