Tuesday, March 15, 2016

She's 5

Our baby is 5.

She can read and buckle herself into her carseat.  She can't tie her shoelaces yet.  Her manners are about 50/50, but she's good at giving compliments.  Sometimes she wants to pass out stickers or cookies to strangers because she wants to be nice.  It doesn't make a sense to me because she's never met a stranger.

She talked to the birds she was birdwatching Saturday. Then the next day, she followed around some bees and talked to them too.

She makes up songs in the shower.  She's good at picking out gifts.  She's curious and opinionated.

She loves school and building and playing with Barbies and baby dolls and baking. 

She's the light of my life.

She's our baby. 

I don't care if she started going to school or learned to write beautifully or can paint her nails about as well as I can paint mine (that doesn't count for much, but still) this year.  She's our baby. 

Our strong, fancy, funny, brilliant baby.  Who is now a great big five-year-old.

Happy birthday to my very best girl!

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