Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Dr. Suess Party!

This is from a couple of Saturdays ago, but I wanted to post these pictures because I love our library.  They had a small party on Dr. Seuss's birthday, and then this lovely theme party on the following Saturday morning.  We had a blast!

"Green eggs."

Cupcakes because it was a party in the children's department.

Multicolored Goldfish crackers.

Sam, a service dog the kids can read to on some Saturday mornings.  He's taking a few weeks off, so I'm glad he was there the day Evelyn wanted to pass out stickers to everyone at the library.  You can see the daisy she colored on his bandana. We've been reading to Sam since he and Evelyn were toddler-aged!

Evelyn dressed up for this, and so did one lucky library person.  A couple of little boys showed up with whiskers painted on their faces!

I really don't know if Cody is wearing that cat shirt because of The Cat in the Hat, or if he just likes wearing that shirt. Evelyn gave it him last Christmas and he loves it.  I was mostly just taking a picture of the decorations on the bookshelves here.  The bookcases in the area of the library for smaller kids are still decorated with covers and characters from Dr. Seuss books.

This whole wall is decorated like the forest in "The Lorax", which looks so springy.  The kids each got little paperback Dr. Seuss books.  Evelyn actually got "The Lorax" and she's been practicing reading it ever since.

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