Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The very best girl

Here is my girl, all sweetness and light last Friday.  She took a can of beans to school and got to dress up like a book character.  She said she has a Frozen book, so she can be Elsa.  She especially loves Elsa because she has superpowers and rules a country.  The movie ends with her banishing bad men right and left, and getting to treat her friends and family with generosity.  The sneakers are her new favorite shoes, even if she doesn't like how they look with princess clothes. 

She's been extra sniffley lately, and stayed home today with some post nasal drip issues.  Cody said she was very happy and sweet throughout the day.  I came home to some very detailed Lego and Calico Critter worlds.  There was some loud singing in the shower.  Her allergies get worse as she gets older, the crazy weather changes don't help anyone's sinuses, and sometimes you just catch every cold that comes along when you start school.  Still, she's been a sweetheart about it most of the time.  So gracious and curious and always ready to be in charge.  I guess that's how you can tell the queens from the princesses. 

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