Saturday, February 20, 2016

No-spend adventure: Week 3

Week 3: $72.24 at Kroger.  I don't know why it costs so much, but it did.  There were some over-the-counter meds and....clearly some other things. 

Cody refueled his car and that cost $15.50, and added air to my tire again for $1.  It already looks low, so he'll probably have to set up an appointment about that soon. 

Money in the emergency fund: still nothing.

But!  We paid the registration fee for Evelyn's school a whooping 5 months early just because we wanted to.  And we'll be fine to take the car in.  Cody needs to go to the dentist (actually, we all need to go to the dentist pretty soon), and that's not going to be an emergency either.

Because when you have money in your account, not everything outside of bills-as-usual is an emergency.  Thrilling!

I felt so good about it that we went out for Wendy's for lunch today.  Cody donated blood and Evelyn went to watch.  I went in case Evelyn didn't want to watch.  But he'd already explained to her how it would work and we talked about it some more this morning.  The Red Cross people were super nice, Cody's a model blood donor, and Evelyn was super interested.  I wouldn't go so far to describe as a fun family outing, but she enjoyed meeting new people and feels pretty important knowing all the stuff she knows about blood donation now.  She says she'd like to try it sometime when she's bigger, and can sit still long enough.

She generally wants to do whatever it is we do.  Here she is doing yoga with Cody.  In 20 years, she plans to take my job.

After she and Cody ate snacks and split a bottled sweet tea, we asked him if he wanted to go to eat with us at our favorite restaurant.  I've been wanting fast food a lot here lately, and there was a Wendy's nearby.  It cost $10.69, and they got my order wrong.  Still a fabulous lunch.  I love Wendy's.

I need to switch some clothes into the dryer, and don't feel like doing math, so I'm not going to tally up what we've spent this week and this month altogether.  It's more than I wanted to spend, but it's not too terrible.  I was surprised at how little this has affected our usual spending, but we don't go out much in the winter and maybe we've got a better handle on our expenses than I thought.   

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