Tuesday, February 9, 2016

No-Spend Adventure: Week 1

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I took it last week and wanted you to see these cuties.

We're doing a no-spend month again!  It's been a while since we've tried this (I don't remember the last time we tried to do this for a whole month, but I remember we had to buy diapers. So it's been a while), but I wanted to do a month-long spending fast.  February's a short month, and it's a nice break before all the birthdays of March and April.  We're back to $0 with our emergency fund, and I'd like to build it back up. 

Regular bills, medical things, and gifts don't count. I usually try to base our weekly spending on this family's, with around $70 a week for groceries and gas.  We spent a little more than that this week, and that was with a teeny bit of grocery stockpiling beforehand (I've been doing most of our grocery shopping lately and I tend to stock up on basics that are on sale).

Week 1: $107.02

Gas: $26 to fill both our tanks, which is actually pretty great
Groceries: $66.24 at Kroger and $9.78 at Whole Foods (my knitting group meets there and so I either buy dinner there or do a little grocery shopping after seeing friends.  They have good apples!)
Other: $3 in overdue library fees

So we spent more than I wanted on groceries, but we have crackers and coffee for the rest of the month.  We also bought vegetable oil and cake mix and icing for Evelyn's Valentine's Day party at school. We probably could have done without some of the snack foods, but it's nice to have some of these things to pack in her lunch box.  Next week's grocery bill will be a lot lower because we have all the Cheez-its, oatmeal, and bell peppers we need.  (We like our staples.)

What we didn't spend money on:
-Haircuts. Cody bought a new trimmer (I honestly don't remember if it was this week or not! I'm not going to look it up) and I cut his hair.  Then he trimmed my undercut.
-Um, love?  I don't know.  We watched some library DVDs and Evelyn is still very heavily invested in Barbies/baby dolls/Calico Critters with a bit of coloring and reading on the side.  We can usually keep ourselves pretty entertained.

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