Monday, February 8, 2016

An anniversary post for Mom

Mom's been cancer-free for 13 years.

That's nearly the length of time of Dallas.  That's longer than we've known our husbands.  It's even more than the ages of her three grandkids combined.

It's a good long time.

I gave her a pair of handknitted socks.  She looked a little surprised, because I've done a lot of complaining about how much I dislike knitting socks in the past--both online and out loud.  But I've found a recipe I like, and she's easy to knit for in a few important ways.  First of all, this is a big anniversary and we like to celebrate it in a pretty big way.  How better than with thousands of small stitches?  (Okay, so my dad always takes her to dinner some place nice and sometimes the siblings send flowers. Those are good ways to celebrate as well.)

Also, she's a cold person who loves presents.  The minute I give her something I knitted she has to stop everything and try it on, rearrange it, check herself out in the mirror, get the washing instructions, etc.  She's a crafter's dream gift recipient.When Evelyn told her I crocheted her some socks, Mom corrected her with "They're knitted" at the very same time I did.  The next day she made sure to point at her feet during church and whisper "I'm wearing my socks!"

Lastly, she's my size.  Socks can be a tricky thing to make for someone, especially if you want them to be a surprise.  Our feet are pretty similar, so it was easy for me to try them on at important intervals.  This detail isn't the most important, but it's worth mentioning. 

So.  Another year of Mom.  A big gift like that calls for a big gift.  Or one as small as some Size 6(ish) socks.  Really whatever she wants.  I'll be happy to make it.  Happy anniversary, Mom. I love you! 

(We should maybe take a picture of just the two of us some time, because this is the most recent one I could find.) 

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