Thursday, December 3, 2015

Post full of pickled produce. And a pickled sticker.

Cody is pretty good at pickling things.

There were lemon wedges in the recipe.  And a stowaway sticker on the lemon.  I don't even know how you manage to do something like this.

Sometimes it doesn't go quite as well as one would hope, but I tried these and they were fantastic.  It doesn't refrigerate pretty well, so we probably won't open another jar unless we're at a big gathering where the okra can be eaten in an evening.  He's also made pickle chips, bread and butter pickles, and pickled green tomatoes.

I haven't tried the pickled tomatoes, but I'm looking forward to them.  The pickle chips were a bit too salty, but we rinse them off and snack on them when we eat sandwiches sometimes.  The bread and butter pickles make sandwiches worth eating (and I already love sandwiches.)  And I'll eat just about anything pickled if I have some cheese to go with it when I'm snackish.

Cody's better at pickling produce than making jam, which I had suspected and then totally confirmed when I sneakily bought him "Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry" for Christmas last year in an attempt to get him to try it.  Between that book and the pickling section of Ball's "Complete Book of Home Preserving", I'm hoping to have plenty of snacks.  And maybe heartburn.  But worthwhile heartburn, if there's going to be pickled food (usually from the farmers market) with some cheese.

I have to go get a snack now.

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