Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Here are the Christmas pictures!  I gave Evelyn one present early.  She saw a baby doll in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago when we were shopping for her school's gift exchange.  She loved it and wanted it more than anything.  I knew she wouldn't make it until Christmas day, so she got it in her stocking on Christmas Eve morning. She was the happiest girl you'd ever seen and couldn't wait to introduce [Name that Changes a Lot] to Hildegard and everyone else.

We spent a lot of Christmas Eve with Cody's side of the family.  It was a blast!  Here's the really great gingerbread house that Evelyn and her Gram made a few days earlier.

Evelyn helped Spencer pass out the presents (normally his job), and afterward announced to us very solemnly "Listen, everyone.  Guys, I really liked all my presents."

She also really liked decorating cookies.

Playing Candyland with her dad and uncle. She won on the very first time she played, told everyone, and replied to everyone's wishes to have a merry Christmas with "I've never been so happy!"  As she told at least one aunt who told her goodnight, "I love winning".  She really, really does.

Christmas morning! She asked Santa for a pink teddy bear and a baby bottle, so that's what she got. The rocket ship was a very exciting bonus!

Then: Christmas at Granddad and Gil's!  Sara gave the big kids art supplies and a guitar. 

He gave Evelyn a flashlight and a gift card, Ellis a big truck, and Calvin....a Hobbes.  So perfect.

Laine and Robert gave Evelyn some Legos and some lovely flower headbands.

Did I mention that Sara got the kids pajamas?  Because she gave them some pajamas that were very well-received.

Ellis wore this pair of pajamas all day long the next day.

I just gave Ellis some dishcloths and a potholder for his play kitchen.  I think he liked the scrubbing sponge that came with his play dishes from Gil and Granddad.  He was thrilled with those.  And his cowboy boots and belt.  Just like Evelyn was thrilled with her belt and boots and jeans from them.  There are pictures, but I've already uploaded so many that they'll have to wait. 

Pictured: a baby I maybe treated like a doll when I made him wear this sweater I knitted even though it was 70 degrees outside.  I think he's already outgrown it.  He's the tallest baby in the world!

On the 26th, the new baby was named Sunny Kid and she really enjoyed modeling this outfit.

Let's be real: Christmas can be a little overwhelming and sometimes you just need to watch some cartoons on a phone.  They enjoyed the snuggling and whatever it is that Peppa Pig does.  That can be a fun way to spend your Christmas weekend, too.

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