Monday, December 28, 2015

A birthday post for Levi

Levi turned 27 on the 27th.

This year, he became an uncle again, worked on some cool side projects, and was my favorite brother for the twenty-seventh year in a row.
Babies love him a lot.
Evelyn even thought he looked taller yesterday.

Evelyn did a little bit of her own Christmas shopping this year, and she got some very nice gifts that suited her loved ones' personalities.  Everyone was very impressed and I was so grateful that she's learning how to be a thoughtful gift-giver.  But my favorite part was when more than one person in my family pointed out that she was turning into just as good of a gift-giver as Levi.  My girl has a lot of great examples around her to learn from, but if she can turn out as hardworking and generous as her Uncle Levi is I'll be all kinds of thrilled. 


(I would also like it if she could work on my car and carry heavy things for me as much as Levi does.)

He's a super great guy, and sometime I think he'd be my favorite brother even if he had a little competition.

Happy (belated) birthday, bud!!

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