Sunday, December 20, 2015

A birthday post for Ellis James

Ellis is two years old! That's such a big boy age!

This is a picture from his first birthday party. He is so much bigger now!!
He's driven tractors, gotten a little brother, and apparently he knows how to use a phone even better than his parents knew--when Evelyn and I called to sing to him, he said "Bye bye, Jen" and hung up on us while Laine held the phone.

Like I said, such a big boy.

In a way, I'm surprised that he's just now two.  He's a pretty big guy, and he talks like a champion.   I'm so excited to see him later in the week, in part because I just love to hear him chatter. 

I love that he has the same initials as Evelyn. 


I love how much he likes to wear hats.


I love to hear him sing.

I think he's one of the best and brightest little guys I know, and one of the sweetest sweethearts to ever exist.

Happy birthday!  We love you!

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