Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sometimes I like yarn and sometimes I don't know why I have it

I finished two afghans today.  It doesn't feel as exciting as you'd think. 

This one:

is an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern that I've been curious about for a couple of years.  I started it earlier this year and now I've used up nearly every scrap of Lion Brand Thick & Quick yarn in the house.  The construction is interesting, and I'm sure my brain is better off for the workout it got with planning how to maximize my scrap usage, but this is slightly larger than a baby blanket and definitely too odd-looking to give to a baby.  Seriously, I wouldn't even give this to Laine.*

This blanket was originally intended as a gift for someone and then I decided I didn't want to give it to that person, and then I thought I would give it to someone else and then I decided I didn't want to give it that person either, and now I'm considering just stashing it away until someone moves and (if I feel like they're worthy) I give it to them as a housewarming gift. 

But now that I've taken pictures of it on the couch, I am kind of considering keeping it here at home.  It's another scrappy stashbuster. 

I went through my yarn stash again on Sunday.  I cleared out some more yarn, as well as some projects that I don't want to work on.  Those projects were usually the ones I was working on just to use up yarn.  It got me thinking--and then I had plenty more time to think when I was finishing up those two blankets--about why I try certain projects.  There were a lot that I tried because I needed something to blog about.  There were a tremendous amount that I made because I specifically wanted to use a certain yarn or pattern for a loved one, and I feel good about those.  And there were some that I made for myself, which is fun and definitely something I want to do for myself more often.

But there were a bunch of things I've made because I wanted to use up the yarn I had on hand.  And there was a lot of yarn I bought because....I'm not really sure.  Maybe because it was pretty?  Or something?

This is sock yarn. I do not especially enjoy knitting socks....

I have been trying to go through my yarn for the past year.  I've given away pounds of it, used up more, and finally gotten around to knitting or crocheting stuff I've had for years on projects I love.

I bought this yarn in 2013 and turned it into hats for Ellis and Calvin.  I love it!
And I have plans for a few more skeins that I'm pretty pumped about.  But there's still some scraps or works-in-progress that I feel like I need to scoot out of my way so I can get to the really good stuff.

Like finding a fun use for this.

*I'm not saying Laine has terrible taste.  I'm saying that my family has gotten some pretty questionable-looking creations from me over the years and they always accept them graciously because they know how much time and effort I put it into the weird-looking blanket/scarf/hat

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