Monday, October 12, 2015

You all have to believe me now

When Evelyn was a baby I would take her through the shops and galleries downtown for the Friday Night Art Walks we have around here.  I don't do it as much as I should now, mostly because I forget to look at the calendar.  And I thought that Evelyn wasn't enjoying them as much as she used to.  But maybe she does.

Anyway, when she was a few months old I would pop her in a carrier and drag her through a few places.  I was always terrified to take her into Greg Thompson Fine Art--I still am, really--but we'd go because I love some of the paintings on display there and there are usually a few good sculptures.  Solid, blocky sculptures.  Girlfriend was mesmerized.  I would tell people that she liked sculptures best, but I think people thought I was a crazy mom who was straining to believe my child was amazing and gifted and unique.  Even the people who know me!

Look, I know Evelyn is special to me.  I think she's the best being to ever grace this earth.  But I can also know, in as objective of a way as a mom can know, that she's really no brighter than your average bright kid.  But I will swear to you that baby loved sculptures.  Cody would scoff a little--actual audible scoffing--when I would tell him until he had a night off and came with us.  Her face would change, her voice would change, her whole body would change.  She was into those shapes!

Cut to present day.  Sunday.  I took her to the Historic Arkansas Museum because it's air conditioned and almost never crowded and has free exhibits.  They currently have an exhibit on artists in Arkansas with samplings of the work of several artists from around the state and a small area where you can watch short videos about each person.  This has been going on since July, and I think we've been there 4 times now.  So far the family favorite is Violet Hensley the fiddle maker.  But this past weekend, Evelyn was interested in sculptors.  I've shown the sculptures to her before and read the names of each one to her, but on this visit she was more interested in going straight to the videos of the sculptors.

After re-watching a potter's video, and a quilter's video (my pick), Evelyn selected a sculptor's video for out last one before we went home.  So we watched a video on Robyn Horn.  Lo and behold, some of her sculptures had been on display at the art gallery a few blocks from us!  We were watching the video of her woodworking (seriously, click that link.  It's great.  The whole series is great) when the camera panned up to a piece and Evelyn perked up and called out "In Between!".  I shushed her and we watched the rest of the video.  When it was over, I asked her if she wanted to see the sculptures made by the lady we just watched.  She ran over to the three pieces on display nearby and was shouting as she hopped, "'Golden Triangle!' 'In Between!' Mom, what's this one? Read the sign for me!"

Oh.  Well then.

I read the other title to her ("Fault Line," if you were wondering), and we checked out the pieces and some baskets and went along our merry way for the rest of the afternoon while I was slightly awed and slightly creeped out by my bright little girl.  Who--and you will never convince me otherwise--loves sculptures.

The exhibit runs until mid-February of next year if you're so inclined.  Goodness knows Evelyn is.

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