Friday, October 9, 2015

October things

I guess Christmas is coming soon.  Someone in the neighborhood was practicing Christmas carols on a bagpipe.  I could hear it through the open window. The living room is nice and cool right now.

I went to a work thing earlier this week and it was pretty great, except for a mishap in which there were two holds on my debit card and now I am having issues with not murdering my bank over the phone.

The bank has been giving me lots of little signs lately that make me think maybe we should break up.

If more places would take cash I would just hide my money in my newly organized sewing box.  Except not really because I just told you where I would hide my money.

We do still like Evelyn's school, and she likes it too.  She's pretty enthused about going and came home today with a drawing from another girl in her class that read "I [heart] you" across the top.

Who wouldn't love this fancy dinosaur?

I am currently working on at least 3 granny square projects.  It makes me happy.

Also, I am currently reading books.  Yes, multiple books.  Sometimes I even finish them.  It's been nice.

I'm wearing glasses again.  Putting things on your eyeballs is terrible and allergy season doesn't help.

I wrote a blog post for Leisure Arts a couple of weekends ago and I'll write another one this weekend.  They've got a line of coloring books and I've been playing with them.  Coloring makes me about as happy as granny squares and readings lots of library books.

My morning glories are nearly done for the year.  They were lovely this time.

I'm also knitting two shawls for myself, and that makes me happy too.

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