Sunday, September 20, 2015

At least I got a good picture of the zebras

Evelyn and I went to the zoo last week with the intention of taking her picture with her face in every single one of those face-hole things that they have up right now.  But she was tired and it was hot and things went south eventually and the whole thing ended with a ridiculous whining tantrum and the revocation of several privileges and her passing out HARD on the five-mile drive home.  We're getting closer and closer to a bedtime that will get her a solid 11.5 hours of sleep a night (even though she probably needs more because I think she's growing again), but life past 4 p.m. is typically a struggle.  We'll get there eventually.  But here are some pictures of the animals (the zebras are my favorite) and Evelyn cooperating but not really in pictures, which is probably her specialty.

She is doing the same pose as the squatting monkey.....behind the board.

After we went home and I confiscated the doll stroller she maybe loves more than life itself, we read some books together and ate a bunch of sandwiches.  She went to bed a little bit earlier than she did the night before and woke up singing before our normal time to get her up in the morning.  She likes to sing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen when she's waiting for us to wake up.  I think that's cute.

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