Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A quick attempt to catch up

Evelyn says she doesn't like school, but she likes her teachers and hugs them and tells them she loves them and at least once pretended to be one of them.  I think she just really likes being at home and doing whatever she wants--even though she doesn't usually get to do whatever she wants.  She was especially delighted that her class liked it on Monday when she brought her book "The Little Engine that Could", which she read each night before bed for the past 2 weeks.

Also, she had a cold on Labor Day weekend and she looked like this for a solid 2 hours while watching a movie.

Cody and I had our 9th wedding anniversary last week.  We celebrated a day late and took this family selfie before having dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Evelyn was pretty happy with our anniversary--as in, it's something all 3 of us share.  A crazy part of me kind of wants to renew our vows next year.  Mostly because I can't believe that by then we'll have kept this partnership going for a decade.  But also because if I could have anyone present while we voiced our commitment to each other, I would want it to be Evelyn.

It's still weird that she's gone for most of the day with people we don't know very well.  The teachers and staff at her school seem super nice, and I'm sure there are no psychopaths in her classroom.  But she still talks about things she probably didn't know about a month ago and now she keeps talking about zombies.  Every other spooky aspect of Halloween (and good grief, this girl does love spooky), I can handle. Or at least point her in the direction of some spooky-loving aunt or uncle.  But zombies are where I absolutely draw the line and I am thisclose to telling her that if she turns into a zombie I'll take her out myself.  Even if this is her zombie face and I think it looks pretty cute.  Even if she only wants to take pictures with her dad and not me.

This past weekend I spent half a Saturday going through things in my old bedroom.  Evelyn has now inherited a bunch of mine and Laine's old Barbies and doll clothes.  She's been pretty delighted with everything now that it's washed and ready.  Her baby Hildegard has never looked better. Best of all was when Sara said that Evelyn could have her old doll stroller.  She's been elated ever since.  After all that cleaning, we headed out for Dallas's fourteenth birthday party.  Because Dallas is 14 now and everything is crazy.  Evelyn and Ellis were ridiculous and social and I think Evelyn feels confident that she's friends with a bunch of adolescent boys.  At any rate, she forced them to listen to stories about Hildegard and Ellis crawled under tables pretending to be a dog.  A few people petted him on the head.  Ellis was a perfect big brother to them both.  I took a few terrible pictures of them.

And then Dad took a few of us.  I may frame this one.

Ellis is obsessed with Levi and Evelyn is rabidly interested in Sara.  This is, of course, when they're not all up in Dad and Mom's business (respectively).  Mom thinks that Laine's new baby will pick Levi as his favorite person, but I'm wondering about Sara.  They're both excellent baby people.

Not pictured is the family reunion we went to on Sunday.  I snuggled a baby and ate some barbecue.  Hildegard and her stroller got quite the workout and Evelyn had a pretty good time--especially when she knew exactly where her Gram was.  Watching Evelyn with her grandparents is one of my favorite things.  We are rich in love and probably attractiveness.

Evelyn has been asleep now for over an hour.  Cody is cutting up some fruit so I can have a snack for tomorrow.  I'm typing this post I've meant to get out or a while now.  Most nights I knit and watch a little TV instead of looking at the Internet.  But I still want to talk about decluttering and life with a preschooler and some of those knitting projects.  I'm trying to finish a project a day this week and it's going pretty well.  But I need to bind off a shawl now, so that's what I'm going to do.

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