Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How are things going? We wish we knew!

Evelyn has been in school for 3 days now.

All we really know about it is that she's not pulling out her ponytail holders, she's eating quite a bit for lunch, and she hasn't bothered to learn anyone's name.  I picked her up yesterday and a teacher mentioned that she's good at cleaning up after herself, which was an odd thing to say since I opened her lunchbox at home and found half a peanut butter sandwich smeared everywhere instead of in her sandwich container.

We're all adjusting.  This week marks the first time I've been away from Evelyn and haven't been able to text someone to see how she's doing.  We know she's safe and happy and learning, but all the details are hazy.  We keep asking, and grandparents keep checking in just in case.  She's not sure what all the fuss is and is ready for the weekend so she can do whatever she wants and spend as much time with her baby doll as she likes.


If you see her and ask her what she's been up to lately, she'll probably tell you about how she's a mommy and she's married to me (we told her she had to marry someone nice, so I'm taking this as a compliment!) and (as of this evening) she's a superhero named Captain Crunch.  

She just might not say much about school at the moment.

But for real, ask her about Captain Crunch.

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