Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of school, 2015

Well, ta da!

Evelyn went to school for the first time today.  She's been wanting to do this for years, so I'm just grateful we got breakfast in her and detained her long enough to take a view pictures.  She was more than happy to skip away from us, and we acted like moderately held-together people when we dropped her off.


We've all been getting ready for this for a long time.  You wouldn't know it to check out the worksheet she brought home--all she had to do was trace her name and write her name beside it.  It looked like she'd never seen letters before.  Chalk it up to first-day distraction?--but we have.  All the reading, all the explaining, all the pointing out things to notice and learn, all the puzzles and books and outdoor adventures.  All of it done by just about every person she's ever encountered in her life.  Just to give her a good foundation so she'd love learning. 


She wasn't sure if she'd had a good day today because she thought the kids were too loud, she didn't get to play at the station she wanted to play with, and there was some other minor irritant that she mentioned.  There's plenty of time to adjust.  We're sending her off with milk money tomorrow.  Her dad made a sandwich in the shape of the state of Arkansas with a cookie cutter.  She has a lunchbox and a tiny backpack and some new shoes.  She has bows.  She's ready to write.  She likes the songs and stories (we did manage to get that detail out of her.  We also know that her teacher says "crisscross apple sauce" and sitting that way hurts her legs because she likes to sit with her legs in a W, which will apparently ruin your life according to articles I see sometimes), and she's pumped about the playground even if she can't throw rocks or play with sticks.  We'll have to save those outdoor activities for some other time.

She's going to do just fine.  She's probably the luckiest little girl I know.  So many people have cheered her (and her parents) on to learn and do and try.

It's a good start.

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