Monday, August 17, 2015

Dishcloth of the Week: A Dino Dishcloth

In the last couple of weeks the desire to go through every item in my home has faded and I've felt a little more like knitting. So last week I knitted this cute little dishcloth.

I've had the pattern in my Ravelry queue for a while now, and I'm glad I finally got around to making it!  I have a large skein of bright green yarn, and this was a good use for it.  My favorite part about this--aside from the fact that someone knew people would want to knit a dishcloth with a dinosaur on it and so they sat down to figure out how to make that happen--was that the ridges are actually garter stitch.  In all the other textured dishcloths I've made, I've had to purl both sides of the bumpy part of the pattern and that can feel like you're wrestling your knitting.  I love not-purling, and the patterning was good and visible anyway.

 I enjoyed making it and I'm happy to have this in my gift stash, although I don't think it will stay there long!

Important additional point: there is a T-rex pattern.

Pattern: Brachiosaurus Dinosaur (free on Ravelry if you have an account)
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream in Hot Green
Needle: #7

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