Sunday, August 16, 2015

An anniversary post for Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad had their 38th wedding anniversary last week.  Thirty-eight years! 

They celebrated by going out to a fancy dinner the night before their actual anniversary, and spent the day of their anniversary looking after Dallas and Evelyn.  That's just what they do, and it seems pretty fitting.  They've been growing their family for nearly four decades now and they keep including kids and colleagues and church family and college students and neighbors and and and.

I'm so happy to be in this great partnership's family.  Sometimes I stop and think about the insane wealth of love that Evelyn and Ellis have been born into and I can barely believe it.  So many people are here to love them and it's because Mom and Dad have made this loving family and shown us how to find and keep good people in our lives.  It's a precious gift.

In this past year, they went on a big trip together and Dad sent us kids texts about not losing Mom in the airport. They kept Evelyn several million times.  They visited Ellis.  They visited older relatives.  They started going to a wonderful little church.  Mom puts a box out in the church foyer for people to donate groceries and then she delivers it to the local food bank.  They helped us all out a bunch of times.  They got chickens, even though Dad would probably say that just Mom got chickens.  They bought way too many educational toys and preppy-looking clothes for their grandkids.

In Year 39 they'll meet their second grandson.  They'll try to go to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show with the whole family.  They're going to enjoy some overnight visits with Ellis because he's big enough now for some sleepovers!  We're going to find out how sincere Evelyn's school really was when they said they love grandparent involvement.  I'm going to stop here before I just burst into song and start warbling "When We're Gone, Long Gone" alone in my living room. 

But I do want to wish my lovely parents a happy belated anniversary and mark the occasion by celebrating how their loving union includes so many people.  We can all celebrate with them.

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