Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A birthday post for Sara

It's Sara's birthday!  She's 25 again! Or 21?  I'm not sure.

Evelyn didn't put on her princess dress just to sing "Happy Birthday" to her fancy aunt over the phone, but it seemed fitting that she did.  Sara mentioned that she was eating pasta when we called and afterward, Evelyn shouted "Wait, I love noodles!"  She's always so excited to match Sara in any way.  They both love Lisa Frank, singing loudly, owning lots of jewelry, and....noodles. 

And dancing the night away!

I'm hoping she grows up to be as hospitable as her Sara Bodie.  Sara's house is the go-to party place for Easter and a bunch of other holidays--it's also where Ellis spends the night spends the night when he comes to Arkansas (why don't I take more pictures of Ellis and Sara?! I'm fixing that problem this weekend. Good grief).  Evelyn's already super excited about celebrating her birthday this weekend and wants to ice a cake for Sara.  She's also maybe planning to wear her princess dress and/or her firefighter outfit for such an important occasion. 

What I'm trying to say is that Sara is incredibly important and very much worth celebrating.  She's one of the very best aunts I know.  She got a new job where everyone likes her and she does important work.  She can plan a party in no time.  We love her very much and wish her a very happy birthday!

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