Thursday, July 2, 2015

Still around

We're still here.  I spend a lot of time on the computer at work, and so when I come home it's more fun to crochet and watch TV after Evelyn goes to bed than to try to type things.

Even if Evelyn has been taking great photos of things and people lately.  I really like how she and Ellis enjoy messing around with the camera.

We had a nice Father's Day weekend, Evelyn loves the Lego movie, and summer would go a lot better if Evelyn could stop catching summer colds and every passing allergy (it's hay season! The very worst time of year!). 

Also, Evelyn is a real doctor now.


She took several pictures of the movie while we were watching it last weekend.
I'm still doggedly working through scraps to make things.

This is a pot holder made with bulky and Aran weight wool scraps.


And I finally started trying to spin.  I was kind of waiting until I had more scraps used up or given away, but it was fun to try it out!

Evelyn just finished VBS, and Cody and I got to attend a few nights as well.  Cody's been working a little and hauling Evelyn around a lot.  We're still trying to declutter a lot, and Evelyn has a renewed interest in gardening and wants to plant seeds now that it's July. 

It's all very summery and nice.

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