Monday, July 27, 2015

Planting a peach pit, however poorly

Evelyn got in her head that she wanted to plant a peach pit.

We had just finished eating a peach that we bought that morning and I was explaining that the pit was a peach's seed.  (Yes, I know it's really the seed's casing thingamajig.  I'm not getting into the details with her when she spends so much time asking why the peach a seed in the first place.)  She wanted to plant th epeach and get a peach tree.

She loves stories where people plant seeds, she's fascinated by which seeds she can eat (peas!) and can't (cherries!), and we had just watched an episode of 'Olivia' where her favorite little pig princess planted a mystery seed and grew a Venus flytrap.  So I told her she could plant her peach pit after her nap.

After we'd buried it in a bucket with no drainage and she'd watered it twice, I read that we should have buried it in the winter.

Evelyn thought it would be helpful to read to the plant, because the cartoon told her she should, so she read a book about Olivia to the peach pit.  What else? 

Her planted peach pit is currently sitting underneath two inches of water, and has been for a couple of days now.  She's pretty indignant that it hasn't sprouted yet.  I try to explain how germination works, but I'm kind of enjoying her expectant optimism.  Something something faith of a child and all that.  It's a little confusing to see her fully expect to get everything she wants after a lifetime of living with parents who try to keep her at least somewhat tethered to reality, but I like her confidence.

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