Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fort Morgan (finally, I am posting pictures!)

Fort Morgan was super exciting and I loved it.

Cody and I had just watched some documentaries on lighthouses recently and so it was pretty exciting to see the lights that used to be in the lighthouse here.

Evelyn didn't understand most of the stuff we saw, in spite of our explanations, but she like anything big.

And she took this nice picture of us in front of the fort's museum/gift store.

We loved all the tunnels. My goodness, tunnels are so exciting!

The fort was turned over to the state for public use in the late 1960s, and a lot of the area is overgrown.  Even before then other buildings around the site were abandoned because of damage from storms and general dampness.  It was such a cool place to see, though.

Evelyn wanted me to take a picture of her trying to lift this anchor.

We didn't realize she was serious.

We loved this.  It was so cool.  And by "we" I mostly mean Cody and I loved it while Evelyn tolerated the experience with a minimum of whining.  It was incredibly hot and bright and there were a lot of stairs.  But she enjoyed singing in tunnels and touching cold wet bricks.  She also helped me pick out some postcards in the gift shop.  It was a really cool place to see because, well, history is neat. There's even a bird-watching trail that's probably really cool to check out when it's not so hot.  I'm really glad that we went.  I keep meaning to read up on it some more and I hope I will soon.

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