Monday, June 1, 2015

Reasons to be excited for June

Chad and Sara will celebrate their 6th (?!?!?) wedding anniversary on the 6th.

Laine will celebrate her birthday on the 7th.

Evelyn will be taking swimming some point.  I don't know, Cody's in charge of that and the place hasn't contacted him.  That kid's hitting the water at some point.

The Rose Bud Church of Christ will be having their VBS at the end of the month and Evelyn's going to have a great time.

Here she is having a great time last year.

My mom's going to get some baby chicks.

The summer reading program at our library has started.  Evelyn signed up today!

There are now zucchinis and squashes at the farmers market.  Excellent.

And! The month got off to a seriously wonderful start when Laine sent out a text to let us know she's having another boy! 

I've been making a few gender-neutral things thus far.

I'm already excited to meet him.

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