Monday, May 18, 2015

The weekend

Ellis can say "cheese" now.

And then he has to see his picture on the back of the camera.  Even when he pretended to take our pictures with a pair of binoculars--and would have us pretend to take a picture with them--we still had to check the pictures.

Evelyn and Ellis were pretty silly together.

For some reason he was awfully serious when Granddad was taking pictures (or maybe he was just really tired).


We went to church on Sunday and it was pretty nondisastrous.  Evelyn and Ellis sang nicely.  Ellis snuggled with Chad afterward and I took a quick picture because I usually forget to take pictures of Chad.

Look, here's Laine graciously letting me take her picture!  The best time to take pictures is right after you eat Mexican food.  (I probably couldn't have gotten a picture when we were hungry, though.)  But here she is, nearly halfway along and all radiant.

Here are a couple of the most beautiful cousins anyone has ever seen.  They're just gorgeous.  And yelling "cheese" in this picture.

 And here's Ellis wanting to see himself on my camera.  If he stays this cute I may let him start using my camera even earlier than I let Evelyn.  Sheesh.

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