Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday morning

Argenta Arts Festival.
We looked around cool paintings and wind chimes and jewelry.  I took a lot of business cards for a time when I maybe have more money.  Evelyn enjoyed the kids' activities.

We went to the farmers market!

Not pictured: strawberries, the semi-wilted kale I got for free, and the tea pots that Evelyn and I bought for $5 at a garage sale where people asked if she was the baby who had a tree fall on her house.  Surprise!  Evelyn didn't know a tree had fallen on her house when she was a baby, but she was busy looking at rings and maybe didn't hear.  Somebody gave her one for free and she put it on her index finger and walked around with her fist out, like the ring was leading her.

She's eating lasagna and I'm going to spend her naptime doing laundry and looking up ways to sew an octopus.  She saw one in a booth and thought she needed one.  She's been interested in octopus stuffed animals for a while now.  I think I could crochet one, but only a sewn one is good enough for her.  She's all about the sewing these days.  She even made this pillow for me last night! 

We used a leg off some pajama pants, and I assisted with threading the needle and tying knots.  Still, she sat still for a long time to make this and she's picked out the fabric for an octopus.  I'll see what I can do.

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