Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here we are. Isn't it nice?

I had last Friday off. I got a call about it on Thursday evening, which I missed.  When I saw my supervisor's number on my phone I almost felt sick because I was afraid I was about to be called back into work, or that someone was hurt or sick or dead.  These things have happened to us before.

I barely understood her voice mail that we would get Good Friday off because it just seemed so impossible.  But we did!  I felt like the world was full of hope and possibility for the first time in wayyyy too long.  Evelyn and I set out to take pictures with her Argenta tulips, like we do every year.  It didn't go well.

I know there is no child in this picture.

 We also headed out to my parents' house.  That went well. 

No, really.  It went well.

We potted plants and she rode her bike and pushed her dump truck and ate hamburgers and danced for us like a ballerina.  And reminded her Uncle Levi, "Hey, when I'm finished you're supposed to clap."

She took a short nap, and I used the free-to-me washer and dryer.  When she woke up, I took my girl to the creek in the woods.  I love that she's big enough to tramp around in the woods.  We checked out moss and leaves and sticks and plants.  She realized the benefits of hiking on privately owned land--the main one being that you can go off the trails.  Which is fine, because the cattle trails were pretty wiley-looking and the sheep trails are nearly completely overgrown.  We looked for low spots in the water to wade through, and I think her favorite part was throwing sweet gum balls down stream and seeing how far they could go.

My favorite part was when we found a spot where the water splashed up against a rock and she called out, "Oh look, that water's laughing!"  And the part where we walked across the pasture and just as she started to say she "needed" me to carry her I saw a pile of rocks under a tree and started telling her that when her uncle was her age we would wake up early-early in the morning to pull weeds and pick up rocks before the sun would get too hot because we needed grass to grow in the pasture to feed the animals.  I sounded like an absolute codger.  She asked "Was it good?", which I think meant "Was it fun?"  (Not really.)  I waved my hand across the land and said "Yeah, just look at this pasture!"

To be honest, the pasture looks like it was tended by easily distracted child labor.  But now I can rest easy in my hard-earned self-righteousness.  And the piles of rocks until trees are still there, monuments to the fact that things are not as rough as they used to be.

On Saturday, we bundled up and went to the farmers market.  It took a million years of cajoling, even though she wanted to go.  She picked out her honey and paid for it herself. 

He was so patient in counting out the bills to her.

We also bought some carrots, and the farmer threw in an apple because he could tell she'd been growing and thought she needed the extra treat. 

I took pictures of her with her tulips.

I ran errands and she shopped with her dad.  We visited her Gram's house and practiced egg-hunting that evening and did lots of crafty things.  She talked a lot about the flowers she picked for her Gram.

Sunday was cold and gray and grouchy.  I hated that, because Sara's house was festive and cute and it's one of her favorite holidays and Evelyn was very tired and grouchy and we all had to try to work around that.  We hunted eggs indoors and watched some Kindergarten Cop on TV. 


She fell asleep pretty quickly in the car.  Cody and I drove around in silence and caught up on things and reached an agreement about bedtime practices and house-hunting and money planning.  Man, it's fun to make money plans when you're not simultaneously paying bills.

We stopped by Dicy's and Evelyn made sure that her Gram still had her bouquet on her table.  I'm not sure why she was so concerned, but she was.  She was happy to see the hummingbird feeder and her flowers in a vase.  Her grandparents are such good outdoorsy people. It's always nice when she gets to see all of them in one day.  We dragged her away, took her home for a quick dinner, and dropped her into bed.  She fell asleep almost immediately.  I made Cody take this  picture of the shawl I finished knitting when we got home.  I still knit a lot.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly uneventful. My slower pace at work is appreciated, but there's still a lot of hard work to do, and it's wearing on us.  Yesterday felt like it had way too much going on and most of it sucked.  Or at least the things that were bad stole attention from what was good.

Today seems better.  We're still looking for schools for Evelyn, and that's fine.  Objectively, I always know that, but today it was easier to believe.  She's back after an awesome night at her grandparents' house with her bike and her church and her Easter basket from Dallas and his family.  I'm finally taking the time to upload pictures and let you know that we're doing just fine.  I have the time to do that because I get home on time now and because Cody and Evelyn are still visiting Gram.  Yes, she once again got to see all of her grandparents in the same day.  They're picking up pizza for dinner.

We're a lucky little group.  There are good things all around us and I can barely remember to tell you all of them.  I'll have a little more time to do so, though.  And I'm looking forward to that.

Bless you if you made it through all of this news.  Now I get to tell you that I'm going to be an aunt again! My very favorite (and one and only) nephew is going to be a big brother in October! 

Ellis is also my most photogenic nephew.

How many good things can a life hold?  How many beautiful children to we get to enjoy?!  How many things can I make for this baby before it shows up?  (I've already crocheted a blanket.)

I look forward to finding out.

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