Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A birthday post for my dad

It's Dad's birthday!

We had a slight party this Sunday, which most of us showed up late for.  Evelyn was tired and cranky.  I got him a shovel because his flat shovel didn't have a handle and I was pretty sure the shovel was older than I am and after I picked it out I realized my brother works in a hardware store and would probably know to pick out a better flat shovel. 

Sidenote: shovels are not as expensive as I had always thought. In my lifetime, I have seen my parents replace shovels twice.  Do you have any idea how reasonably priced these sturdy American-made implements are??!? I nearly went crazy in that aisle.  I tried to buy Evelyn a utility line shovel because it was just her size, but she wasn't interested. 

Dad later said the old shovel came from his parents.  Should have gone with a shovel handle.

Evelyn had also wanted to get him some grown-up toys, so she picked up a protractor of sorts.  I picked out a spiral crossword puzzle workbook and a book of games and brain teasers that can fit into his briefcase when he's in airports.  We've been calling him "old man" since he was in his late thirties, but I've decided to start worrying about his brain even though he's always done crosswords and is one of the smartest people I know.  Maybe it's because I'm nearly the age he was when we started calling him "old man". 

He's a granddad nearly 3 times now.  He uses the AARP discount every chance he can.  He attended the University of Arkansas when there was mostly just the one University of Arkansas and poultry science was not a degree program.  He taught me I could lift just about anything if I had enough leverage.  He changes his cowboy hat according to the seasons and I know that's not something exclusive to someone his age, but it still seems like an older guy thing to do.   He's excited about his new trifocals.  He will fight you for the check.  He can outwork any of us.

He enjoyed Sunday semi-party, and let Evelyn wake him up from his Sunday nap so they could wrestle.  He flips her around and listens to all her stories and takes her for rides on a tractor which is pretty much all anyone wants out of a grandparent ever.

I think 59 is going to be a really good year.  He's supposed to set up a small pool for Mom and Evelyn when it gets warmer.  Evelyn will probably be ready to go camping at the creek with him like he's been wanting to do.  He'll get a new grandkid this fall.  He's always been the type of person to enjoy whatever stage of life he's in (at least he has in the time I've known him, but this is the part where I make a joke about life improving when I show up, etc.), but I think he's really relishing the granddad business.  59 is going to have a ton of adventures!

Happy birthday, old man!  We love you.

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