Monday, March 2, 2015

Sock drawer(s)

Tonight I came home (late) to a house that was just...not something I wanted to come home to after a long, long day full of rough, rough things. So on top of unloading and reloading the dishwasher, rearranging items in the freezer so that the door would close all the way, folding the rest of the clothes Cody had washed, sweeping, vacuuming, and talking to Evelyn about whatever it is I normally talk to her about, I cleaned out my underwear drawer.  And then I cleaned out Evelyn's.

In my case, I needed to get rid of some old underpants and get all of my socks and tights into general areas.  I'm not big on strictly regimented drawers, but it was nice to discover I have more socks than I thought now that they're all in the same corner of my drawer. I also rediscovered that I used to use that drawer to hide anything and everything back when Evelyn was going through a super-nosy time, so it was a good chance to clean out the chocolate and batteries I had.

Seriously, I think there was a cell phone battery in there. Whyyyyyy?

With Evelyn's drawer, I had to go through outgrown socks and pajamas.  She picked out some pajamas to go to Ellis.  I gathered up baby hairbows and pacifier clips and itty bitty socks (socks that, let's be honest, she probably wore last summer) and sorted them into throwaway and donate piles.  I found her bathing suits and she put one on to wear for the rest of the evening.  Backwards.

Okay, really I just needed to exert some control over my environment and enjoy some order and tangible results.  I don't get that a lot and it's probably my very favorite thing. Evelyn found a rattle that she wants to give her baby cousin, Nora, and I'm glad she wants to pass on her baby toys.  This is someone who didn't want to throw away a bottle of baby lotion we haven't put on her in probably a year and now has it sitting in the middle of her train set.  It's a relief to know that can watch me declutter without freaking out about some of her things going away.  Because some of her things did go away, but she knows that she has plenty left for herself (and now I can find it!!) and her things can still be enjoyed by other people.

And really, who wouldn't want to give a little giraffe rattle or something to that little chub face?

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