Sunday, March 15, 2015

Evelyn is 4!

Our girl is 4 now.  She's been looking forward to her birthday party for months now.  Her first words upon waking her "Is it my birthday now?" And she was disappointed that she wasn't as big as she thought she'd be. 

 We had a little party at her Grams house.  I took her to pick out some Hello Kitty decorations earlier in the week.  I had jokingly asked her if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich party, but that's what she decided she wanted!

She wore a princess dress and told everyone to call her Belle.

People ate grilled cheese sandwiches and visited and I got this cute picture of Ellis snuggling with Gram because if Evelyn likes someone, then why wouldn't he?  Plus, he's been sweet enough to share his grandparents with her before so it was more than his turn.

Evelyn sang the birthday song to herself, and then we clapped for her.  Spencer lit the candles she had put in the cake herself, and she blew them out all by herself.

She tried to convince us she was big enough to handle knives, but finally settled for helping Brook cut up and serve cake.

She spent a lot of time picking out jewelry to wear with her dress this morning, so please take a moment to admire her watch.  She likes watches a lot right now.

She loved her presents and remembered  to say "thank you" for each one.  They were lovely.

I got her pictures with most of her family, but a grandma and an aunt got away before we had a chance to thank them or take a picture.

 But she was happy to see her guests.

And we were so happy they were able to come.

And  just like her birthdays from the last three years, and the day she was born, and even from before then, I felt rich in love and grateful for all the ways people have been helped us make Evelyn's little world everything she deserves.

It was a wonderful day.

With wonderful people.

And sometimes I want to act like Cody and I are raising her and no one can love her as much as we do.

But the truth is that most people love her more than I could have ever thought possible when she showed up to the party 4 years ago. 

This precious girl has changed every bit of our lives, and made life so much sweeter and harder and messier and sillier and infinitely more amazing.   Happy, happy, happy birthday, most darling girl.  You are the queen of our hearts and our whole universe.

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