Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dirt, seeds, birthday presents

That's what I've been getting rid of.  On Sunday I went through my craft corner thoroughly.  I pulled out some pattern books I don't want or need, rearranged my baskets and books and folders.  I tossed stuff, set aside stuff to sell, and made another addition to the donate pile.  Then I took Evelyn to see some daffodils.  And we hiked Pinnacle Mountain, because I make terrible choices.

I tossed some papers in my office at some point in the week.  And Tuesday evening, Evelyn and I dumped dirt into pots and poured some seeds in there. They may grow.  They may not.  I think we'll have good luck with the peas and morning glories. We have a couple of hanging pots up now, and our balcony is beautiful.  Evelyn's been a gardening fiend and has to put on her 'gardening hat' every time she even waters some soil. 

I also used up some cotton yarn to make Cody a potholder that looks like Captain America's shield.  I had to fiddle with a couple of patterns and I'm not completely thrilled with that improvised star, but Cody liked it and it's a really thick potholder--three layers of crocheted fabric!  His hands are safe no matter what he does with that potholder.

As it turns out, Evelyn picked out a Captain America watch for him.  So yay!

I know I should say something about Cody's birthday, but he doesn't read here so whatever.  It was a good day, and we are glad he was born.  We're going to have a good year this year!

 And I bought a tent for Cody's birthday. 

It actually doesn't take up that much space in its bag. Which, yes, I was able to smoosh back in there entirely.

We will probably have to bring other things into our home, like a tarp and maybe another sleeping bag (I can't find the one that we do own) and and and. 

But for now, we're excited about getting out more.  Our asthma isn't that rough any more, and Evelyn's a big kid now.  We're pretty pumped!

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