Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby things

I gathered up some of Evelyn's outgrown clothes and baby toys on Friday night last week.  I wanted to move at least a few items out of the apartment before the influx of birthday gifts.  It didn't make much of a dent, but Evelyn was happy to be the big girl around her baby cousin.  And he loved her little horse toy that took up so much room in our living room. 

We gave him two bibs (I don't know why I still had them. They were adorable and handy, but we don't need them), a pair of blue jeans, and four pairs of pajamas.  There were also some stacking bowls that Sara gave Evelyn that she loved to pieces for a long time, and some stacking cups.  Bright plastic things good for nesting together and counting and naming colors.  They need more use, and I trust that Ellis is the man for the job.
Ellis touching her new big girl toys was slightly stressful for her.

Ellis playing with her new Doc McStuffins bowling pins, which also panicked her maybe a little. We remind her that she can use markers and bicycles and he cannot.  Sometimes it helps?  The sharing is good for her, and Ellis appreciates some good Doc McStuffins merchandising.

Now Evelyn is 4 and can use a pencil sharpener.  I told her a few months ago that she could use one when she was 4 because that seemed really far away at the time.  Whoops.  But a deal's a deal.  So for one of her presents, I gave her a few unsharpened pencils and a pencil sharpener in a Minnie Mouse pouch.  She was pretty happy.  She's sharpened all of her pencils now and we talk a lot about emptying the shavings into the trash and being careful about not sharpening her fingers and which way to turn the pencil and how she's very big.

I bought her a Minnie Mouse nightgown at the mall tonight.  She likes Minnie Mouse a lot and wants to keep wearing her Minnie Mouse fleece footie pajamas.  She's also been wanting a nightgown for a while because a character in a book had one.  I didn't even bother washing the thing.  I just stuck it on her before bedtime because she was so excited about it and it seems like 4 is an okay age to stick clothes on fresh from the store.  Not all the time, but for a special occasion like this.  I held her up so she could see herself completely and she was very pleased that she looked so beautiful.  She also mentioned that maybe someone would want her warm pajamas. I almost told her she could save them for fall, but she'll probably be way too big for them. Ellis probably will be, too.


Laura said...

That's so fun that she loved her pencils and pencil sharpener. Hopefully she stays easy to please like that for a very long time. :)

Jen said...

Well, she's still arguing her case for being allowed to drive a car so I'm not sure how easy she is to please in some areas. But man, do we have a lot of sharp pencils at our disposal now!