Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yarn and meat

From this weekend onward, I got to work on knitting and crocheting up some partial skeins of Patons Roving yarn that I had leftover from projects/balls wound up from unraveled projects.  I made a hat for myself from this Purl Bee pattern, a pinkish hat for Evelyn where I was just kind of winging it, and the granny squares are going to be a tea pot cozy for Cody once I get finished with some seaming and fiddling around.

I also knit a hat for Ellis that used my brown and white scraps of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Ellis currently only has one hat that fits him--okay, only one hat that I have made for him and I think that's all that matters--and I used the Split Brim Toddler Hat pattern that I love so much.

And I'm still plugging away on the sock yarn granny square blanket every now and then.  I'm up to 23 squares and I have a lot of tan yarn left. 


So.  The hat I made last night counts as getting rid of something for Lent.  And tonight I came home to find that Cody had used up the last of the frozen meatball mix (he got kind of carried away one time) and some cans of tomatoes for spaghetti sauce.  Man, I love when we store leftovers in the freezer and actually use them. So yay for using things up to make good things and yay for enjoying some tortellini with a different sauce!

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