Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday: I do things and stuff

Hello!!  I have projects I want to talk about!

This is my Linus shawl.  It should use up 2 skeins (450 yards) of some lightweight wool I've had for nearly 2 years.  It's one of those patterns where you knit the same two rows over and over again.  It's really boring and I don't have time for it right now.  But the next time we drive somewhere for more than an hour you can be sure this will be riding with me!

And here's my Super Easy Crocheted Baby Blanket.  It's one of those glorious Purl Bee patterns that I adapted to fit my own stash and the result is, of course, a little less than glorious.  I'm happy with the colors I have, and how this is turning out.  But I don't think I can give this to a baby!  It's 7 stripes that are around 6" each and I'm on color #7 now. 

In case you can't quite tell, that's a dark brown.  And I had to buy it!  I had some dark brown when I started this project, but then it got used up for some granny squares.  Same for the hunter green I bought as well.  Oh well.  I can keep all of my acrylic yarn in one zip-up comforter bag and I'm making some lovely blankets even though I thought I'd ease up on the blanket-making in 2015.  Whatever.  I have at least two blueish green skeins that could look nice with these colors.  The blanket is nearly 3' wide, so this could turn into a nice couch blanket for a grown-up.

And this blanket is nearly bed-size.  At least, twin bed-sized. 

The blue is nearly a full pound of yarn, so I'm going to be using this color a while.  I chained 164 stitches, which might have been too many now that I think about it.  Whatever.  I'm alternating single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches for a bit of texture and because all of the single crochet stitches of the other blanket are getting a little boring.

I have the rest of my colors picked out!

I may add some greens to this. I'm not sure.  I don't know who's getting these projects, and that's kind of exciting all by itself.  Taking care  of so much stash yarn is also exciting, though.  The living room floor is looking a bit better, and just having the yarn committed to projects makes me happy.  

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