Friday, February 27, 2015

Skeleton stories

Evelyn has been asking me to make up stories about her lately, and tonight she's been wearing her skeleton costume and I've been telling this story (with a few additions from her) over and over tonight while she acts it out.  I thought it would be fun to write it down:

Once upon a time, there was a little skeleton who lived in a big city.  Her name was Evelyn June Skeleton, and she lived with her family.  They all loved each other very much.  She liked to visit the library, she liked to grow plants, she liked to play with her grandparents, and she liked to build puzzles.

She also liked being very, very spooky.

One night, Evelyn crept out of the city and into the woods of a nearby state park.  She silently walked deep into the woods, over leaves and branches and rocks.  When she came to just the right place, she pulled her telescope out of her bag to look at the full moon.  She studied the moon and the stars.  It was a cold and windy night, and she was so happy to be outdoors.

When she was done looking at the moon and the stars, she packed up her telescope and began creeping back through the woods.  She saw owls and possums and racoons.

Then! She saw a campfire.  A family of campers was gathered around the fire.  Evelyn came closer.  The owls said "hoo hoo".  And Evelyn said "hoo hoo".

"Did you hear something?" one of the campers asked.  Just as the family started to look around, Evelyn jumped out of woods and into the light!  The campers screamed with fear.  Evelyn screamed with happiness.  She jumped over the fire and back into the woods.  She watched from a high tree as the campers searched for her.

Then when she was ready, she went home.  She spookily climbed into her cozy bed, pulled up her warm covers, and fell asleep.  It was a perfect, spooky night.

The End.

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