Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent in progress

Would you believe I started crocheting granny squares out of sock yarn before the snow and ice hit?  Because this seems like the kind of thing a person does when they get cabin fever.

But no.

I started crocheting granny squares with sock yarn a couple of weeks ago as part of a craft challenge where we're supposed to use up stash yarn.  I have an oddly large stash of sock yarn for someone who doesn't like knitting socks, but I grabbed up a lot one time when Leisure Arts was doing a purge and I figured I could use it for some other kinds of projects.  The brown squares you see are yarn I bought myself to crochet a shawl.  I didn't want to finish it, so I haven't.  Instead, I've unraveled it and a few other projects to use up all my sock yarn in solid colors and an F hook. 

Oh yes.  That's solid colors only.  And it's just your standard ol' Patons.  The multicolored and/or fancy stuff is still sitting in a box, all safe and ready for more fun.  I think I have ten squares' worth of yarn left and then I'll have a small throw.  I like starting throws.  It's probably my new favorite thing, which would explain why I started a garter stitch blanket out of some bulky yarn scraps a couple of hours ago. 

I am not a Lent person.  Cody is.  We were talking over dinner about ways to observe Lent and I tossed out the idea of decluttering for Lent.  Because I know people usually go without something to reflect on sacrifice and be more mindful, but I like the literal idea of cutting things out.  With a growing girl and busy schedules, we catch our small space filling up with things we can't enjoy pretty quickly.  I'm not trying to be flippant about Lent and sacrifices (just wanted to put that out there because I'm occasionally pretty flippant about Catholicism, but mostly because I saw someone being kind of belligerent on Facebook about Protestants observing Lent and now I'm nervous), but I did really enjoy making a granny square a day for Advent before holiday crafting took over.  There's something nice about doing an activity to help you reflect on something. 

It's a super busy time of year, and I like the idea of being more mindful.  I'm hoping that once Easter gets here, we'll feel a little lighter and more grateful and ready for spring.  It's easy to focus on what we don't have, but I know going through all the things we do have always helps me be more grateful.  I want to make space for things that we love (or just be able to find them!), and pass on the things we don't need.  I'm not sure quite how we'll do this, but Cody liked the idea.  Maybe he just liked it because I'm trying to participate in something that's important to him.  Maybe he just wants to find the sleeping bag I told him we have somewhere in the house.  Our goal is to go through a space each day.  I think tonight we'll go through the cabinets in the bathroom and throw away things that are expired or mostly used up and take stock of what we need.  Cody decimated our first aid supplies last week when he sliced off the tip of  a finger using a mandolin slicer--but good news! He tossed the mandolin slicer!  (It felt gross to think about donating it knowing how many times he's bled on the poor thing.)

So I think I'll try to post about it here and there.  I'm usually in a constant state of decluttering--5 scrap yarn blanket projects and counting!--but I like the idea of us doing something together in a focused way for a certain amount of time.  

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