Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fits and starts

On Sunday night, Cody and I took on a bigger project of going through everything stored under our bed.  We threw out some papers, found some picture frames, added some books to our donation pile, and I went through some t-shirts for Evelyn.  Also, I had to wedge myself under the bed to replace a stander in the middle of the bed and nearly suffocated myself even though Cody was lifting the bed frame as much as he could without making the box spring mattress fall off the frame.  It was terrible, but cathartic to clear out some things I thought I'd already gotten rid of.

On Monday, Cody and Evelyn went through some boxes in her room.  Cody moved the crate that holds Evelyn's shoes, as well as the basket that holds her hats and scarves, to another part of her room that cleared up the flow of the room a bit.  When Evelyn was stalling sleep and sobbing hysterically at 11:30 last night, she said she wanted her room back the way it was and so I fixed it and then had to snuggle her for 30 or 40 minutes and sing Nickelback songs to her.

Tonight I went through the stacks of....whatever it is that gets piled up on my bedside table.  I put some of my books back on the shelf, found some more lotion (another fun discovery from cleaning out from under the bed: foot lotion! I'm going to have such beautiful feet!), and tossed some papers and placed some important copies of papers in a place where they're way less likely to get wrinkled or lost.

Cody thinks we should be fine to skip some weekdays and then schedule big projects for the weekends.  That just kind of fills me with a sense of dread and makes me want to procrastinate forever.  I like puttering in tiny fits and starts after Evelyn goes to bed. I do think some time soon we'll be doing a big going-through with her because she's very fixated on whether a toy is a baby toy or a big kid toy. 

This, for example, is a big kid toy.
She's apparently decided that anything that can even be remotely considered to be a baby toy needs to go to Ellis.  It looks like she's ready to move on!  I'm kind of excited, but also feel like maybe I should apologize to Laine.  Because girlfriend is feeling generous and Ellis is about to get some loud and obnoxious things.  And also several pairs of little girl pajamas.

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