Monday, February 2, 2015


In case you were wondering, Evelyn picked out a Dora the Explorer balloon a few weeks ago when she went to the grocery store.

I knitted her a scarf.

I knitted me a scarf.

 We've been looking at schools and I've been even more pathetic and emotional than usual over it.  I would love to imply that I've been doing careful research, but really all I care about is putting Evelyn in a nice environment where people will be nice to her.  That's it.  She's  a bright girl and will excel at learning some things and have some hangups with learning other things.  She's your average bright little kid and she's the light of my life.  All I care about is her being happy and safe and maybe just sorta kinda learning how to be in a school setting in the next year or two.

Evelyn has been really interested in sewing these animals lately.  She was tickled to know that her Gil bought these for her back when she was in my belly.  She's improved a little since I took this picture over the weekend, but this has been one of her main activities for the past few days. 

She really loves sewing on one of these creations and giving them to people to snuggle.  When my mom sewed up a red lamb for her on Friday, Evelyn was full of effusive praise.  If nothing else, she's really picked up on how to appreciate handmade gifts.

We went to Michaels on Saturday morning and she carried the shopping basket for me at least part of the time.  I bought yarn for the first time in a couple of months, which included some light pink Red Heart (368 yards! Whee!) that Evelyn thought she needed.  She wound up needing a lot of things, it turned out.  One of them was a new set of window decorations.  I really love what she chose.  This is what she looks at when she eats at her spot at the table.

Cody and I are both busy with work.  But yay for employment!!  His work busyness should slow down in the next week or two and he can go back to being our chief errand-runner and playground visitor.  My work should calm down in the next....4 or 5 months?  I don't know.  I'm having my rear end handed to me every single day and I feel like my brain is probably getting pretty worn out in the process as well.  Cool.  I didn't finish a single book in January, and I'm just now realizing I still haven't posted my book list for 2014!  I'll get to it sometime.  No rush.  


Things are pretty good around here.  We're staying warm, and Evelyn and I are mostly over the cold that we got a week or so ago (our third one this winter! Awesome! At least Cody avoided it this go-round), and we've been enjoying our crafts.  I knit.  She paints.  It's a nice little existence.

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