Thursday, February 19, 2015

Behind the TV

Last night, we went through our bathroom cabinets and drawers.  Tonight we went through the stuff behind the TV.  I didn't take before and after pictures because that's incredibly boring.  It's boring enough to tell you that we cleaned behind our television and underneath the table it sits on.  Cody had suggested cleaning under our bed, but I think that should wait for a weekend. 

When I came home from work today the apartment was halfway covered in space stuff.  Story time at our little library had been all about space, and since Evelyn was the only one to show up she got to bring home the jet pack.  I think the space helmet craft was for everyone.

 Also, there is a string tied to the ceiling fan that connects to the corner of our table so that Evelyn can fly a rocket around.  It's fantastic.

This is the stuff I want filling up my home.  I went ahead and started another blanket just because I've known how I wanted to make it for quite a while now.  My life is full of stressors right now and starting new projects makes me happy.  It doesn't bother me right now to have several half-finished projects all over the place, and I think this will go pretty quickly.

I could use the instant gratification, and I think this will look nice over the back of my office chair.

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