Sunday, February 8, 2015

A post for Mom's anniversary

Another year, another knitted thing.

This time it was another iteration of the Age of Brass & Steam shawl with thick and thin bulky weight yarn I bought back in September.  I've made this shawl 3 times in the past 2 months and this is actually the second one I've made for Mom.  I liked the texture of the yarn for this project, but I was a little nervous about all the blue pooling up in the knitting because Mom asked me last year if I could make her fewer things with blue yarn.  I hadn't thought too much about it until I saw where she hangs up all her scarves and cowls and all that business was probably 90% blue!  Whoops.  Mom likes blue, and I like blue yarn.  I also like knitting for her because she is constantly cold, takes really good care of all her knitted things, and wears everything I make for her with pride and joy.  It's a really nice thing about her.  I gave her the shawl on Friday because she came to watch Evelyn and she wore it.

Evelyn and I met up with Mom and Dad on Saturday just to see them.  Saturday was Mom's 12th anniversary of being cancer-free and I'm glad we got to tag along.  I had already hiked Pinnacle that morning and taken Evelyn to the zoo, but we were both just ready for...more.  We had lunch and Starbucks got to wander around plant nurseries because this year Mom wants a miniature maple instead of roses.  I appreciated them sharing the day with us, because sometimes I just want to hover.  Especially around this time of year. 

Mom has been cancer-free for well over a decade and we're all very thrilled.  So much so that we still buy plants and make shawls.  I didn't explain the day in great deal to Evelyn, but I did say that it was a happy day for Gil and that it was the anniversary of her getting happy news. And that that meant we had to leave the Good Earth Garden Center and get some warm coffee somewhere even though Evelyn wanted to play on their swing set forever.

And then Mom accidentally ordered a frappucino and let Evelyn drink some of it. Evelyn sat in her lap and told her "Happy anniversa-weeeee!" Life is sweet, and definitely worth celebrating.

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