Thursday, February 12, 2015

A book list for 2014

I got this email from the library last week and realized that maybe I'm not going to finish this biography of Hildegard of Bingen any time soon.  I love her a lot, but I've been renewing this book since OCTOBER. 
 I'll try again some other time.  I'm about a month away from taking a break from reading anything, and I've only finished one book this month. I didn't finish any in January.  Oh well.  At least I'm finally posting my list of books read in 2014!  Library books are marked with asterisks, as always.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams
Last Bus to Woodstock: An Inspector Morse Mystery. Colin Dexter.
The Mystery of the Third Mile. --.
A Discovery of Witches. Deborah Harkness*
Shadow of Night. --.*
The Tree of Life. --.*
Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting, ed. Ann Hood
 Another Man's Moccasins. Craig Johnson.*
Any Other Name. --.*
As the Crow Flies. --.*
The Cold Dish. --.*
Dark Horse. --.*
Death Without Company. --.*
Hell is Empty. --.*
Junkyard Dogs. --.*
Kindness Goes Unpunished. --.*
A Serpent’s Tooth. --.*
Spirit of Steamboat. --.*
Broke is Beautiful: Living and Loving the Cash-Strapped Life. Laura Lee.
The Graveminder. Melissa Marr.*
Homeward Bound: Why More Women are Embracing the New Domesticity. Emily Matcher.*
The Yarn Whisperer: My Unexpected Life in Knitting. Clara Parkes*

This was the year I enjoyed books by knitters, books about dry detectives, and a silly trilogy about witches and vampires and history.  I'm not sure what, if any, theme will emerge for 2015's reading selection.  Evelyn's in our little library's reading program for kids to read 1,000 books before kindergarten and a sick part of me is wondering if we can hit that by the end of the year.  I don't put her books on my reading list, but I am thinking about jumping into a few chapter books with her some time soon.  Any recommendations for either of us are super welcome.

Currently reading Beowulf and wishing I could get into fairy tales.


Laura said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago while looking for patterns on ravelry. I love seeing all the stuff you are working on.

Last year I read books that were being made into movies. It was a fun list that had me reading all kinds of books I never would have picked up. Of course, there were also several that I started and never finished. My favorite one was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

This year I don't really have a list... just picking random books that I see pop up on pinterest. (It's ending up being a random list of young adult fiction lol.)

Jen said...

Hello, and thanks!! I like the idea of reading books that have been turned into movies. I usually don't have a theme for what I read, but once I find a series I like, I'm all set! Thanks for stopping by.