Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey there

Hi!  We're alive and doing our thing. We're all over a cold and I'm dying of allergies, but I'll take it because of the warmer weather.

We went to Wooly Hollow yesterday and it was a terrible idea. Evelyn whined and shouted and shuffled her feet for THREE AND A HALF MILES on a very pleasant trail because she wanted to be carried/be taken to the playground.

Going to the mall?  Let's walk around enough for 5 miles and include some stairs!!  Going to a park that doesn't have big rocks to waller all over?  It's like those pictures of people trying to take their cats for a walk.

I hate playgrounds at state parks so much.  I know why they exist, but I do not drive an hour to park my car next to some awesome lakes and woods and mountains and whatever to stand around and push swings like I can do 10 minutes from my cramped apartment and the job that almost physically chains me to my desk. 

Note to self: never let Evelyn see a carrier in our home ever again. 

Anyway, she was so grumpy and disobedient and we were so hungry and wrung out (from carrying her and the destruction of our souls because before you laugh at me for attempting this please know that WE ALWAYS HIKE THE MOUNTAIN AND THEN PLAY ON THE PLAYGROUND AFTER!!  EVERY TIME!! She never stops thinking that if she rails against something hard enough we'll magically change our minds) that we stopped to use the restroom and then went home.  Seriously, we ate while driving after we had spent at least a half-mile explaining to her that she wasn't going to play on the stupid playground because she disobeyed, argued, shouted, etc.

Such a teaching moment.  I hate teaching moments.  Hate.  Like, why does the whole family have to suffer so we can explain to one person for the millionth time that we don't get to do fun things when we act ugly?  I was bracing myself for wailing and whatever. 

So we get back to our car after using the restroom and Evelyn chirps, "I had a great time hiking! That was a good adventure."  She then ate a sandwich and a bag of Cheez-Its and passed out.  We drove around for a while and enjoyed the silence and the sunny day.

She learns nothing she does not want to learn.  On one hand, this is horrifying because her will is just the absolute worst and negative consequences of awful behavior seem to be something she takes in stride.  On the other hand, a part of me is relieved that she thought the day was pretty dang good and her experience wasn't ruined by two grown adults who will let one tiny person destroy their composure. 

There are no pictures of yesterday, by the way. 

I've been knitting and crocheting through my stash.  Evelyn's been playing grocery store a lot.  Cody's been working more hours than expected.  We're all pretty great. 

Cody and Evelyn are at the store, and I'm going to do some yoga (my legs are sore and I need to move more).  I'm not sure why I took time out of my precious quiet day off to write on here, but yay!  Here's a record of our life.

Evelyn didn't want to go to the store, so I told her Cody would buy her a balloon.  She'll probably name it.  I look forward to seeing what she picks out.

Okay, I'm going to exercise, pick up the living room, pull out the painting supplies, and then brush my teeth. 

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