Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ellis's first birthday party!

I should have taken more pictures. I should have taken more pictures of people. I should have not had whatever winter funk I'm struggling to get over.  I should have charged my camera battery the night before so it wouldn't die on me.  I should have something clever and tender and also funny to say.

But I'm about to go to bed and I wanted you to see pictures of this birthday party for the best nephew ever.

His cousins make him smile!

The pretzels were really good. I choked on one. It was worth it.

One of his cousins showed up in a clown costume because this was a circus party. He is my hero and my inspiration.

She had a circus tent smocked on her cute little top!


Anonymous said...

I love them so much, thank you!!!!


Jen said...

Yay! At first I felt like I was putting up too many, but then I thought he was very cute and I kept thinking "No, people need to see him. This is important", ha! It was a lovely party!